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We are the Canadian Distributor for the Sanha Tee which is the best Adjustable Golf Tee for Driving ranges and golf simulator mats.  It features:

-Tallest height 

-Easily Adjusted up and down

-Quality made in the USA 

Below is a link to our Amazon listing to test our quality.  If you are interested in bulk pricing please contact us at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.




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Range Tee.ca

Canadian Distributor

for: Sanha Tee (USA)

-An adjustable golf mat tee.

-Taller: for over sized drivers.

-Stronger: built to last in the USA.

-Easy to adjust up and down.

-Best tool for practicing on golf mats.  






We Distribute the Tee to the Canadian Golf market. The best way to demo our product is to buy one on Amazon.  If you would like more please feel free to contact us for bulk pricing. Thank you.



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